Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Stop the Beer Duty Escalator

Now, it's not often that I get 'all serious' on this blog so when I do, like now, you should ALL really sit up and take notice.

You will probably all have seen the STOP THE BEER DUTY ESCALATOR epetition that is doing the rounds at the moment and frankly unless you want to start paying £5 a pint, you should all sign it!

Pete Brown wrote a very good blog on the subject and like me, is understandably is getting a bit frustrated by the lack of support for this.

FACT : The price of a pint has gone up by 35%in the last 4 years. That in itself should shout at you to support this!

FACT : if the petition gets 100,000 signatures it will force a debate in parliament.

So sign this, get your friends and family to sign it and lets see what people power can actually do in a democratic society.



Sid Boggle said...

I see the (Tory) MP for Burton got a question at PMQ's today on this. Clegg weaseled out of a proper answer, but then so would CallMeDave. The usual earnest bollocks about the 'Community Pub', and that was it. Thanks Nick.

Simon Johnson said...

100,000 signatures get an e-petition referred to the backbench business comittee. Who then decided if it to be debated in the Commons. Nothing is automatic.

Andrew Griffiths, MP for Burton, is chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group and has also tabled an Early Day Motion on the escalator. If people want to do something, you can start by seeing if your MP has signed the EDM and, if not, ask them why:

Cooking Lager said...

Still cheap in Tesco.

The country is bust, maybe beer geeks ought to pay more tax.

Zak Avery said...

Cookie -we already do!