Friday, 2 March 2012

Not Again!

I'm getting properly old now. Yesterday was the start of The Rake's annual Welsh Beer Festival, a concept we came up with four years ago and haven't looked back since and I had a few sips of beer to celebrate Dewi Sant.

But why am I getting old? Three pints I had yesterday and I am utterly ruined this morning, three pints!!! This is not good. This is very bad! It's not like I was drinking three pints of Sink the Bismark either(is there even that much left in the UK?). The strongest beer I had was 5%!

Suffice to say I'm sure I'll wake up even more hangin' tomorrow, what with the Tiny Rebel Urban IPA going on the bar today! Oh well, hair of the mutt anyone?


Cooking Lager said...

Municher Helles, old chap, in the Englisher Garten. proper skin full, right as rain. Proper lout you see.

None of these mucky chemicals of "real" ale.

Meer For Beer said...

Running around you may have become dyhrated so the alcohol hit you harder.

Is the TapEast doing the welsh festival too?

rabidbarfly said...

Tap East has a few welsh beers on, but not partaking in the festival, logistics didn't allow us the time to get the beer to stratford. There's still the last batch of Otley O8, a cask of mOtley and a keg of O7 Weizen over there though!

arn said...

I'd like to know what you think if the Tiny Rebel Urban IPA, i had their FUBAR last weekend, very enjoyable indeed.

arn said...

'of' the Tiny...... i mean

Anonymous said...

very hoppy beers are more likely to give me a hangover than less hoppy beers of the same alcohol content, still doesn't stop me though

rabidbarfly said...

Cookie - yep, must stick to lout!

Meer - yeah, that's it! not me being lightweight at all! ;)

Arn - the Tiny Rebel stuff was very good, the IPA was awesome. Both sold out very quickly!

Barl - some hangovers are just worth it!

Professor Pie-Tin said...

I know what you mean old cock.
Eight pints of Murphys stout last night and it's taken 600mg of Ibuprofen,three cups of Joe, a bacon sarnie and a vigorous session of jiggery-pokery with Mrs Professor Pie-Tin to feel halfway normal again.

Sometimes I wonder if being a shallow booze-hound is all it's cracked up to be.

Mind you with international rugby and soccerball on the TV later I can't see me missing out on a Sunday session.

Yikes !

rabidbarfly said...

PPT - Of course it's all it's cracked up to be! Some of the worst hangovers I've had have been totally worth it!