Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Beer of the day #3

Today's beer is draught, I'm blogging from a table in the bar, I should really be working or on the phone or something but hey, this beer is worth blogging about!
There have already been various blogs recently on this one from Tandleman, ATJ and Cooking Lager but we've put it on draught today for the customers to sample so I guess I should have my say too!
It's FREEDOM FOUR, it pours Pale Golden and well carbonated with a lovely soft white head to it.
On the nose there is pear and apple notes and a very subtle lager hopping that you might expect from a continental.
The taste belies the nose though, there are certainly fruity notes to this beer but the bitterness that comes through at the end makes this a very refreshing little number, this will be massive in summer if Freedom can put it in the right places, it's light, fizzy and bitter and I for one, urge you to come an try this beer at The Rake today!
As an aside, I also urge you all to throw rotten fruit at Alastair Darling if you happen to see him in the street.

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