Monday, 22 March 2010

Beer of the day.

In an effort to keep my mind working through my current Deputy Manager-less exhaustion I decided to do a beer of the day post every day this week, regardless of how tired I am.
This week it's Flying Dog Woody Creek White - a Belgian style Wit beer.
Now I haven't come across many(if any) Belgian style American ales that I have enjoyed so, here goes!
This pours almost clear blond and very carbonated. The nose has some citrus and frankly not too much else although there's maybe a hint of bubble gum at the end.
The good bit is coming now though, the taste is pretty damned good, it's pineapple, lemon and bubble gum hits your palate with a nice fizzy zing and...well, it's not hanging around for long in the mouth so another sip! There's also a bitterness at the end which refreshes you nicely!
It's no big, bold, in-your-face flashy but definitely worth your time, if you happen to find yourself at The Rake or Utobeer this week I can heartily recommend this fizzy little number as a decent palate cleanser.
Now, what's for breakfast?

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