Thursday, 25 March 2010

beer of the day #4

Beer of the day no.4 is brewed in Henley by a brewery called Lovibonds, if you've been in The Rake recently you'd have heard me banging on about these guys. A few weeks ago Rich and I had a meeting with Brewers Jeff Rosenmeier and Jason Stevenson, two extremely nice chaps who brew extremely nice beer!
The Beer geeks of the world(and indeed Jeff) will tell you that the original Lovibonds brewery site was in Greenwich but according to Jeff he found some old Lovibonds bottles on the new site and a 'soon-to-be-legend' was born.
But back to the beer, today I have the Henley Gold on the bar, the Gold is a wheat beer. It comes in Kegs that are so ancient that even having been in this business on and off for nearly 18 years I had never seen them before, still, bloody interesting though. It has a golden hue that is mildly hazy, the head is white and quick thick, the body is light and nicely carbonated. The nose is mostly Banana, what you might expect from a German wheat like Franziskaner. To taste it is to find it's hidden treasure though, it's a gem of a beer, light, refreshing and in the mouth you get Banana Bread, a bitterness that loves the mouth almost as much as a fat kid loves cake!
The Lovibonds beers will be on keg for the next few days rotating between the Henley Gold, the Henley Amber, The Henley Dark and The Land of the Free IPA. I will say that the Gold on Keg has nearly finished but we do have it in bottles and the next on will be the Henley Amber.
So another wheat beer but this time a British one! Bloody good n'all.


Leigh said...

Here, Here. Not enough wheat beers around, and this is a corker.

Martyn Cornell said...

the original Lovibonds brewery site was in Greenwich …

To be pedantic (which I am, frequently) there were also Lovibond breweries in Fulham and Salisbury.

Rabidbarfly said...

Martyn - I have no doubt you are correct, Jeff gave me that fact as did many of my 'ticker' customers, it does warrant a bit more research but that'll have to wait until sunday this week.

Jeff Rosenmeier said...

Martyn is correct. Greenwich was the last surviving Lovibonds brewery of the three, if anyone is interested in more indepth history I've got quite a bit here...Cheers for the write-up Glyn.