Saturday, 27 March 2010

Beer of the day #6

So it's saturday, which means we open at 10am and I therefore, most pick a beer that I can consume for breakfast.
Well, if you speak to Don Burgess from Freeminer Brewery he'll bang on and on and on and on and..well on about Duvel being a breakfast beer. Don if you're reading, it has been usurped by a lovely beer from Cornwall called GB - a 3.7% Ginger Beer, it's made by Beaumonts Brewery and its fan-fecking-tastic!
Imagine Idris ginger beer with a little less of the ginger burn having been replaced by an alcoholic warmth that is surprisingly there for a 3.7% beer.
It pours cloudy as a ginger beer should, it's well carbonated and there's sediment! oh yes lovely gingery sediment, beautiful!
Now word from Phil Seeva who brews this amazing beer is that it will be slightly more carbonated and have less sediment for batches in the summer, I would like to add my own view that there's no need but this will be a cracking beer in the summer, sediment or not!
We'll see how they turn out but I've had to order the second lot already and I've only had it on the shelves for a few weeks.
This is another great tale of a small brewery making a big beer. Win.


tania_nexust said...

Sounds yummy. I'm always on the lookout for good ginger beers so will have to remember to look this up next time I'm in town (which used to be once or twice a month, sadly less frequent at the minute :(

rabidbarfly said...

I'll be sure to keep some stocked through the summer.