Sunday, 28 March 2010

Beer of the day #7

Well, off work today, honeymoon just booked and we're off to California so I decided to make BOTD a Californian, and what a Californian!
Stone Ruination IPA is a hop monster is the gift that just keeps on giving, at 7.7% abv, it pours light amber and clear with an almost dirty white head to it.
There's a piney, hoppy slap around the nose as you can't help but inhale it like sticking your head in a bag of hops! What a rush! This stuff would be nectar of the Gods(if I believed in them) and quite rightly too.
In the mouth it's bitter, resiny, slightly viscous and there's almost an animalistic bite to the beer, but no matter, I'm not vegetarian, I'll just bite it back!
I've got another bottle in the fridge and I'm going to kill it in a minute, chin chin, have a good Sunday evening and I'll see you at work tomorrow!


Chunk said...

Never had this beer in good nick. Bought it from Utobeer a couple of times but it's always been quite old ... the malt just seems to dominate, giving way too much sweetness and the hops seem to cave in, leaving you underwhelmed.

Will definitely try it if I see it on tap.

Rabidbarfly said...

we should have it on draught today and it's a new batch so i'll tweet it if it comes in today.

Chunk said...

Sweet. I've got the worst cold at the moment and can't taste anything. Currently eating Alpen and it could be anything! :P

Hopefully it's around for a couple of days!

Rabidbarfly said...

Looks like it'll be tuesday now but I'll still have Lovibonds Land of the Free, 6.9% IPA on tap this evening.