Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Beer & Cricket, Why Not?

I've just read a blog on the Reluctant Scooper page and felt I had to make a point.
It's generally accepted that apart from a couple of counties there is a genuine lack of decent ale at Cricket Stadia around the country.
The point I wanted to make is sponsorship notwithstanding why don't the cricket lovers amongst the twissuppers try to persuade one of the counties to put on a real ale festival, or better still organise one ourselves? Even those who don't like cricket would enjoy a beer festival and it's not like we don't have contacts!
Any thoughts?


Chunk said...

A combination made in heaven. I can see it being difficult to get anything put on at a major ground. Might be more possible to have a twissup day at the cricket and/or try and do something at a smaller (non pro) ground?

Rabidbarfly said...

True it would be easier to put it on at a local cricket club but why not think big? Personally I'd love to nag one of the counties into putting on a beer festival.

Thomas said...

I think this is definitely a case of beer fixing and we should act like Pakistan with ball fixing and sack them all.