Sunday, 6 June 2010

Beerymoon Part Three

OK, on day three we took a great trip to Alcatraz and saw some really interesting stuff over there.
Still suffering from jet lag we had a nap before going out in the evening. We started off at Vesuvio then walked down Columbus to the Rogue bar we went and the joint was jumping! There was a quiz night in full flow, it was packed and absolutely boiling too, uncomfortably so. We ordered our drinks, I had the Rogue Brutal IPA and Mrs RBF had a Juniper Pale on draught.
The quiz was coming to an end so we managed to find a seat just by the bar and got comfortable. We were becoming more and more impressed with the level of bar staff over in the states too, the bars we had been in were minimally staffed and they seemed to be coping with the crowds of people that they were having to serve, if this had been the UK there would have been grumbling from the customer side of the bar and the bar staff would have been extremely grumpy(my lot beware!).
I think that one of the reasons for this was that there were a few staff on the floor serving drinks which tended to take the load off of the bar even though there were people sat all along the bar, not something I could pull off at The Rake because of it's size but I'd quite like to.
As far as decor goes this bar is eclectic to say the least, not furniture wise like some of the fading pubs in England which seem to think that's cool but everything else, for instance there was the Rogue skeleton hanging up behind the bar along with a shelf full of Oscar statuettes which whilst may have been out of place were certainly not looking shite.
Leading on from that and slightly off topic, I'd heard about America being one of the friendliest places on earth but was still surprised by the helpfulness of everybody over there and it puts London in stark contrast as possibly the grumpiest and least helpful place in the world. It's almost embarassing.
The beers were, as expected, in tip top condition and bloody tasty. The customers were the cool and beautiful of San Francisco so my rather unfashionable self felt slightly out of place but was enjoying the music and atmosphere nonetheless.
I had a couple of the Brutals because I was enjoying it then lastly I went for the Dry Hopped Red which was a nice beer to finish the night on. Lucille was wanting something light so I bought her a Morimoto Imperial Pilsner.
Having had our fill we headed back to the hotel at about 1am when the bar shut, drunk but happy.

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