Thursday 10 June 2010

Going Back Stateside

Not yet but I will be soon. This is a shout out for the White Horse's American Beer Festival.
Yet again,from Friday 2nd July to Sunday 4th July, The White Horse will be getting packed full of customers thirsty for such delights as Budwieser, Miller, Lone Star....and they'll be disappointed, they'll have to make do with tasty treats like Flying Dog, Sierra Nevada, Blue Moon, Odells, Left Hand and Goose Island to name but a few, the last one sending over a Cask of their Bourbon County Stout for our enjoyment!
There's also a little known(in the uk) but award winning micro brewery from Philadelphia called Yards which will get the beer geeks salivating!
There will also be (weather permitting) a BBQ on with some great 'American Classics' as well as their ever popular Hog-Roast.
As if that wasn't enough, entertainment has been lined up with The Steelers and Fallen Heroes performing live and a Barn Dance which will be led by Cut a Shine.
I can say with hand on heart, saluting the flag, that I'll be there and I hope that you are too!


Anonymous said...

The Uk have gt some pretty great beer festivals too! You can ge all the info on the beer trade and if you ever wanted to run a pub check out the Greene King Website.

rabidbarfly said...

You're joking, right?

Daniel Fox said...

Thanks for the plug!
Looking forward to seeing you there.


Thomas said...

Green King urgh....

rabidbarfly said...

Dan - Your welcome, see you there!