Sunday, 6 June 2010

Beerymoon Part Four

Still one or two more posts to go on the Beerymoon, and it's not so much the places and beers I want to talk about this time but the service and attitude of American Pubs and Bars and and their staff.
We popped into Magnolia for the second time on the way back from our Golden Gate trip because we were both starving and didn't get the chance to eat there the first time. Just as we were preparing to order we spotted a friend, Dave who got the beers in on his way to pick up his girlfriend at the airport, Dave is probably the number one source for knowledge about where to go in San Francisco, it would take me and Mrs RBF about three trips to get through everywhere that he suggested for us!
On this trip we learnt one thing above all others, never go for American portions, you just can't finish them so we ordered sandwiches with salad even though we were both starving and a tad grumpy from the lack of food. I had a fried fish sandwich(cod) which was just what I needed, it was like fish fingers only a lot better. From what I remember I had the Drakes 1500 Pale Ale and the Firestone Walker Union Jack both of which were drinkable but the Drakes had a bit too much malt in it and made it too chocolatey for my taste, The Firestone was almost instantly forgettable which considering all the blurb on their website was very disappointing it's one I'm going to have to try another time, it could well have been my cold playing up on my taste buds(I've forgotten to mention that I was ill for the whole of my honeymoon, pants!).
A bit about the service in Magnolia, all I have to say is that it's friendly, professional and well worth the tip you have to give over in the states.
Having said that from Magnolia we went back to Toronado where the service, whilst being knowledgeable is grumpy, some of these bartenders have been at the bar for more than 20 years! The range at Toronado is still formidable and the guys behind the bar know their stuff and don't get flustered when it's busy. Out of the three times we went to Toronado I saw no more than two people behind the bar at any one time. I like to sit at the bar to get the whole experience of what's on, what's selling and have a bit of banter with the bar staff.
You don't get much banter from the Toronado guys, it's just about serving the beer to the customers, mind you it's kind of like The Rake was when I took over, it was doing so well that there was a air of not having to try anymore.
This visit I was drinking Moonlight beer in there this time because it was baking hot outside, Reality Czech Pils was the first, second and third choice with Pliny the Elder to finish off again(what a surprise!).
Russian River, Alembic and 21st Amendment still to come folks!


mybrewerytap said...

I love Union Jack in the bottle when I was in the US in february. Reminded me a lot of Brewdogs Chaos Theory, funnily enough. Full of fruity (very un-UK) hops...

Chunk said...

These updates are fun to read. Despite saying it wasn't a beer trip ... it looks like you managed to get a fair bit of beer in! :P

Rabidbarfly said...

@chunk - hell yeah, but it wasn't just a beer trip ;)