Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Budget : er..so what happened there then?

Ok, not that I'm unhappy to see that duty didn't rise but that was a bit unexpected. Every single time there's a budget announcement beer duty seems to rise, not this time. This time it's just VAT in January so beer has been ignored, for now. Sneakily they've left the duty escalator in place so duty will rise over the next few years and the Chancellor has said that he would look at taxes on the products that are the main causes of binge drinking again in the autumn(so, we shall see what he means by that later then).
Still 2.5% VAT rise does seem to be a bit harsh again, the ConDem 'love-in' government has been vociferous in it's claims that the country's finances are in the worst shape ever but isn't there always massive debt?
Anyway, cider producers have also had their 10% increase reduced(amount to be confirmed later)so it's not good news but it could have been worse.
I still hate all politicians though, Wankers.

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