Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Budget Blues, Twisted News.

So the sly old bastard that is our current Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced that there will be no change to the duty paid on alcohol.

Now, some people, indeed some journalists(who should know better by the way) think this counts as a freeze on the duty.

Don't be daft.

This means that the 2% duty escalator is STILL in place and the duty will rise once again this year. Do not be fooled.

Thanks George, you spineless piece of shit!!

And on that note I'll leave you to the musings of the proper (adult)writers like Pete and ATJ etc...


Cooking Lager said...

A fuckwitted post. oo didums, beer geeks didn't get what they wanted.

Personal allowances up. I'm better off. Cheers Gideon.

Rabidbarfly said...

A fuckwitted budget.

Cooking Lager said...

In your opinion, based it would appear as to whether you are a winner or loser by it. A typical perspective.

What makes your post fuckwitted is that you go further than call the budget fuckwitted, but call those responsible "a spineless piece of shit"

Simply because beer tax is up a bit.

You lose the argument when your argument is not worth hearing, and this isn't. You fail to mention why beer tax ought not be increased and choose instead to accuse people of being "shits"

You deserve to continue to lose, if that's how you kick a ball.

Rabidbarfly said...

Yes beer tax is up, again! People keep banging onto me about how expensive beer is and yet they refuse, either by will or apathy to sign the current epetiton going around at the moment which I have already blogged about.

If you want expensive beer then do nothing if you don't stop complaining when you haven't signed the petition!

Even supermarkets are going to have to carry the cost one day and then where will people buy cheap grog?

And anyway Cookie, the ACTUAL point of the blog was reacting to poor reporting by the likes of the BBC over their coverage of the budget and falling into the trap that Osborne laid by wording his speech as he did.
Their reporting is almost as bad as mine and they're supposed to be professionals!

Cooking Lager said...

It really wasn't, it was directly calling Gideon a shit. Now he may be, he might not be, but his actions on beer tax do not make him a shit.

Pete Brown likes to refer to Gideon as "evil" and "despicable", as a lot of lefties like to do. It's only effect is to weaken his own argument, by failing to make a coherent one. You don't have to fall into the trap all lefties appear to do.

How to make an argument? Firstly the damage done to jobs and industry. The possibility that the tax take might reduce. If you are brave you might like to point out why 10p off a pint is worth more than a school. Either way you stand a chance of me thinking "yeh, i agree, I'll support you"

That ain't about to happen if your best argument is "Gideon is a shit"

Thomas said...

So he's not a shit because he lied about freezing beer duty when it's gone up by 2% again for another term in office which means we roughly pay another 10p per beer by the time it gets to us and yet he decides to cut another 10% from the millionaires' tax whilst robbing grannies; the disabled, the unemployed of any jobs by telling them to work for free and continues to lie and steal his way into the top economical position in the country?

Yet it's not ok to call him a "shit"? Cooking lager wake up and look at the real facts. George Osbourne is completely inept. If your business was attacked and you were lied to and fundamentally ignored with the real facts; figures and findings then you too would call that person a "shit".

George Osbourne, is much worse than a "shit". He's a parasite sent to destroy thousands of small businesses and public bodies by selling them off or squeezing their supply chains as much as possible. However he'll reward Tescos with free labour; stick unfair taxes on the lower classes and provide a humiliating blow by turning the NHS into a private, bonus' driven company just like the railways and the banking sectors are.

In not one term in my lifetime has a government been so inept in such a short space of time and so ruthless at exploiting and selling off the very industries which they should be naturing and protecting. Oh and the £20bn they stole from our councils is going to the banks to enable them to provide more stupid loans to people whom can't afford or risk them.

We are incredibly fucked.

Cooking Lager said...

I am awake Tom, awake enough to listen to Ed balls on the news this morning.

He dodged the question as to whether he would treat alcohol differently.

The automatic increase being an introduction of his old boss, McBroon.

The impression I got is that our choice is to get slightly poorer with Gideon until an eventual upswing or bankruptcy with Balls.

The budget is far more than a pint of beer, and whilst I like cheaper beer I don't vote on that issue.

So far you have failed to convince me this is any way more than a load of hateful lefties. The same strategy of hating Thatch saw her win 3 elections but made Ben Elton a few bob.

Labour eventually won when it understood why people vote Tory.

Help for pubs and and increasing support for lower duty depends on attracting a wider demographic than Tory hating loons.

Thomas said...

Ed Balls may not be the answer. George Osbourne most definitely is not. The economy is crumbling. He is is squeezing every angle and selling us off to private companies without proper auditing or regularity compliance. He is effectively selling off the wealth of the nation.

What prosperous aspects do we have when all our businesses and info-structures are sold off to private firms? Why are we accepting bids of contract from aboard and not domestically? This results in a higher emergence of unemployment.

More people are out of work because of our grey employment laws and no confidence in an untested market. You can take over a company or win a share-vote and become a director then sack half or more of the work-force even though their jobs have to be done. This is legal here. Then you sell it on after making profit whilst losing people's jobs.

There is a huge economic black hole which is not being fulfilled. The chancellor has chosen to ignore the key problems of the economy. Instead of controlling and auditing banks they're proposing to introduce £20bn for small business loans!

We already know they were pumped full of money by the Bank of England which acted to avoid collapses. We own a huge proportion of public banks yet what say do we have? None.

The Torry economical policy is worthless to the vast majority of the population and only supports the rich. Cameron's save the NHS speech and hospitals for everyone has been met with another sell-out.

The same for the roads. They did this with British Rail. It failed. Public services are supposed to be cheap and accessible for everyone. They're not now. Because of poor privatisation we have one of the most expensive railway services in Europe.

Unemployment, which is recorded, is on the highest rise for a decade. They have no answer for the current situation. Mr Brown had a lot of failings, yes but he introduced measures which saw a growth in breweries by allocating them with a tax relief break.

The system is far too big and clumsy. The rich have their tax-haven holes. Look at Sir Philip Green. He owns most of the high street. Becomes an adviser and still gets an amazing tax-break in Monaco. Is this right for the minimum-wage slaves which he employs? No. Yet they reward this with giving him a tax-break. He doesn't employ the youth enough and gets a tax-break which that very income lost could be used to employ huge numbers of people or fund other issues. That is just one person out of many rich people using foreign accounts instead of our own system. All that money could pay for so much. Yet Osbourne gives their friends 10% cuts. Is this we're in it together? No.

Business here is big, bold, aggressive and ruthless. The Government are lap dogs to that. The whole country is now a free-for-all for the big business model. Our hi-streets are littered with the same boringly-generic rich man's chain stores. It's no fun for the small businesses whom can't afford the business rates set by greedy land-lords. Are the Government cracking down on this? No. Their answer is to give a bank free money.

Balls won't get us bankrupt. Osbourne is losing us income and selling it all on the cheap. Just look at the negative growth. Oh and how are we going to pay for all the lost generation gap? We won't be able to afford that. Oh and following the American model is a terrible idea. They are more in debt than we are.