Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Battle of the Hops

How'sit, Capetonians?! - I'm picking up the lingo finally!

Not simply content to brew amazing beers all year round, this Thursday a battle royale will begin between two of Cape Town's best independent breweries, Aegir Project and Devils Peak! 

Sponsored by my pals at Simply Hops who were also on hand to watch over the brews, the two breweries are facing off at Beerhouse and Banana Jam with an IPA each made with different hops.

All you guys have to do is get down to the bars before the taps run dry! They'll be marked A or B and you'll be given a voting form with which to mark down your favourite; once you've completed it hand it back to your server and wait with your beerily baited breath for the winner! 
The taps will be relabelled when the winner is chosen and you'll be able to order as much as you want from either tap knowing where it's come from. Please enjoy responsibly and all that Jazz. 
Apparently if you leave your details on the voting form you'll be in with a chance of winning a mixed case of beer from the breweries involved too so make sure you fill that bit in!

This one really excites me as these are my two favourite Cape Town breweries and although i couldn't make the Devils Peak brew day due to looking and feeling like an extra from the walking dead, i did manage to drag my flabby arse to Aegir Project and hang out there whilst the important people brewed! Thanks to Rory and Phil for the invite!

This is one of a few exciting Cape Town beer events this week so keep your eyes peeled for Battle of the Taps also at Beerhouse (Friday) and the South Yeasters event at SAB Newlands on Sunday! I have to say it's really lekker (see what i did there - lingo) to be able to be around another beer scene as it explodes, London was fun in the late naughties and Cape Town is going to be a riot in the terrible teens!

As an aside, it's also Paddy's day on Thursday and apparently the excitable Hop Heads at Beerhouse will be handing out prizes for people dressed in green! Don't feel like you have to though, my sarcasm level will be Jedi. 

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