Monday, 30 August 2010

Blog Noir #3

It was supposed to be hotter than hell but it was cold, wet and windy. What the fuck was that about?
Anyway it was chaos on the streets, least that's what the journo's are callin' it. It's happened before of course but never like this. The crowds had been howling for a change for a year and now it had come, they were about to get some good old fashioned payback! I cracked open a beer and watched the world turn itself inside out.

The dame was dressed all in blue when she waltzed into the joint, to my twisted, beer addled mind I'd have given her 7.1 but what a body! What folks would do to to get hold of that body is probably unspeakable and I wouldn't tell a soul as long as I could have my turn! She smells like heaven should smell. This strawberry blonde was like a godsend in the most evil part of town you could hope to find yourself, there wasn't anything you wouldn't do for this broad.

Gotta stay cool though, no need to blow the load so early but I need to join the chaos outside, I need to get my hands dirty, I need to join the party, taste the chaos, get an idea, get a theory...

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