Monday, 16 August 2010

I Hardcore You - Deadblogged.

A keykeg of I Hardcore You
So, Mr Dredge live blogged about the Brewdog/Mikkeller collaboration, I Hardcore You last night so I thought I'd give the draught version a plug. The dead blog, it started now 10.50am.
Into one of my 3rd of a pint glasses, I pour a dark amber liquid, I Hardcore You has already got me hooked, this looks good!
Tonnes of Citrus on the nose along with some peach, some raisin and a mango, this stuff smells like Lilt!
Initially you taste those same fruits in the mouth but they mostly give way to the bitterness that you would expect from something this strong(9.5% abv). There's also a metallic edge to the end of this which isn't too unpleasant but really shouldn't be there.
All in all this is a great beer and I'm ordering some bottles for when the draught runs out! By the way I expect to be mildly hungover tomorrow morning!
Transmission ends! 11.00am

PS  - It's only deadblogging because it's Monday morning and I'm drinking already!

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Mark said...

Interesting! I want to see how different the bottle is from the keg now. I didn't get any metallic edge from the bottle. And good work drinking that before 11am!