Thursday, 5 August 2010

GBBF, A Good week

There's been so much going on this week that you can't really help but have a fuzzy warm glow when you think about beer.
It's a positive week for beer, all the headlines are generally good and that can only help. It's also interesting that bars and pubs much as The Rake, The White Horse, Cask and Brew Wharf have all had events going on this week that have made it almost impossible to stay off beer for more than 24 hours, it's exciting!
The Rake turned 4 years old yesterday, and we had the Thomas Hardy's Ale on in celebration of that, if you don't know, it was the first beer that The Rake ever had on draught and the cask that's on is the last current cask in existence and even if I do say so say myself, it's in superb form! This time next year we'll be five and I'm planning something big for The Rake so eyes peeled folks.
Monday night was the British Guild of Beer Writers bash at Brew Wharf, and it was nice that it was just round the corner from work so I could nip round for a couple of hours of schmoozing. I finally met Tandleman there too, what a nice chap he is, not at all the grumpy old man that he claims to be!
Tuesday was trade day, as if you needed to be told, I wne to work for a couple of hours then headed off to Earls Court where all the fun stuff was happening. I got in, got my glass and then it took 10 minutes just to get to the bar. Yep I bumped into so many people I knew that the networking was starting without a beer in my hand! Four and a half hours later I'd had my fill and started my journey home, promptly fell asleep and ended up missing my stop, and the next and the next and the next.....
Wednesday I was off but I ended up at The Rake with Andy Mogg, Mark Dredge, Tim Hampson and Adrian Tierney-Jones before heading off to The White Horsed in Parsons Green for the Brewers Association dinner. Great night had by all I think and I was happy to be at yet another great beer event.
So what does today hold? well hopefully not too much alcohol, it's time to pay back my liver for letting me party hard this week.
If you're free on friday The White Horse will be holding an American craft beer evening upstairs which is bound to be good eye-opening fun.
So a good week, all in all but it's also important that we try and keep this good momentum going throughout the year, not just the one week when we all get together.

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