Sunday, 15 August 2010

Happy Birthday OBC

So yesterday I went to a five year old's birthday party, this wasn't the usual five year old's party, there were no happy meals and no screaming children(although the bands were VERY young).
Due to train timetables and my busy schedule I arrived about half an hour early and helped them set up(they hadn't got around to putting the beers on so I did it for them). Then their other guests started arriving and since I was stood at the bar in a black shirt, I think they assumed I worked for Otley, they started asking me questions about the beers, ok, so because I could answer them without any problem and did!
Someone recently asked me if I was gunning for a job as Oltey's sales rep in London! I am already, aren't I?
So we've established there was mucic, there was also a bbq that Nick was running himself and of course there was great beers(including mine).

 I was relieved to see that the SOS was going down well for ordinary people, it means that people might buy it when I get some in The Rake! When I had the first cask of it at The Rake, it went down well as a cask wheat beer but for me it needed more strawberry, a lot more! So the guys spent the week producing strawberry concentrate to add to the beer and for me it worked, Nicks not sure at the moment but I was a lot more happy with that. I think next time(if there is indeed a next time!) then I'll be happy to cut up more like twenty five kilos of fresh strawberries to stick in instead of just five.

After brewing with the OBC twice and staying at Nick's pub the bunch of grapes twice, I finally got to meet the lovely Alex Otley, Nicks wife. I'd not met her until now because Nick and I usually stay up until about 1.30am plotting our next move. She greeted me as if I was part of the family and that's one of the many reasons I like going down to Pontypridd so much, I get greeted and treated as if I'm part of the family, a friendlier bunch of people you probably won't find! So here's to the Otley Brewing Company, may they continue to make fantastic beers, may they continue to lead the way in Welsh brewing and may they continue to let me go and brew with them! I hope to go back there soon!


mybrewerytap said...

Would love to try the SOS, or for that matter any Otley beer I never see them up here!

Rabidbarfly said...

You'll have to come to London more often then Richard!

Mark said...

Sounds like a good day. Strawberry wheat beer with BBQ food though ... not sure that registers as a FABPOW. :P

Rabidbarfly said...

Who said I was matching those two?