Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Four

My drunk diary just got a wee bit special as I just tried a bottle of the Kernel Brewery Black IPA we're launching here on sunday and oh my what a beer, you have to come, it's. Just. Epic.

Whitstable Christmas Cake, 4.6% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.61
2 x Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 4.48(That second bottle was still purely quality control, you understand)
Large Glass White Wine, 12.5% abv, 250 mls, Units : 3.12
Medium Glass White Wine, 12.5% abv, 150 mls, Units : 1.87

Todays total units : 12.08

Gotta plug it again folks, the Black IPA launch is at The Rake on Sunday from noon until 5pm, you really have to be here, it's really special! It's going to take ALL my willpower to not drink all the bottles I have bought for myself and my family/friends!
See you tomorrow!


Sid Boggle said...

Oh? Brewed a beer, did you? ;-)

Paul Kruzycki said...

Really looking forward to trying the black IPA on Sunday. I'm a big fan of the Moor Beer Illusion they brewed last year.

Will you be changing one of your case selections to the Black IPA? :-)

Rabidbarfly said...

Sid - who me?
Paul - That could be a good idea..why not!

MadAleMan said...

"That second bottle was still purely quality control, you understand"

My Dad's Mrs. told me about a saying she heard when in the Czech Republic a while back, something along the lines of "you can tell a good beer from the first taste, but it's always best to make sure."

Rabidbarfly said...

@madaleman completely agree!