Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Days Off.

Pete and Liz do it every year, for a month they do 'detox' it works for them I guess and considering the work they do I have a huge amount of respect for them both.
       Todays elixir
However, I'm not one who believes in denying myself simple pleasures such as beer or bacon. Instead I chose to chronicle what I drink in January instead and this year it's started off as a bit of a large one. This is the second year I have done this and I have found myself feeling a bit shocked at what's gone on.
One of the reasons for the heavy start to the year was the (very good,awesome!) beer we launched on Sunday at The Rake, the Black IPA from the Kernel Brewery which you can now buy online I believe as well as at The Rake, Utobeer and other lucky outlets!
I have felt since doing my first weekly round up of alcoholic units that I needed a day off from drinking, so what better day than my first day off since we reopened after new year.
I have to say, that come 11am this morning the thought of  not having a beer was making me twitchy as hell, has it really become that much of a crutch to me? and if so what does that say for my general state of mind?
Still, it's now nearly half past eight as I type this and no alcohol has passed my lips, I am feeling better for it, knowing that I can do this, stupid really. For those that aren't convinced(cos I'm not myself) I'm going to actually plan the rest of my days off the booze, next one will be this coming Sunday.
You are therefore required to enter a pact with me, if I slip up and have a drink on planned days off, I expect YOU to get on here and rip the piss out of me, give me as much abuse as you like, hold nothing back, just don't do it anonymously(it's annoying). And if I don't have an alcoholic beverage, you can still rip the piss out of me(it never usually stops you lot anyway!).
Why am I doing this? I need to know that's it, nothing more complicated than that, I need to know can do it more than once a month.
Who's in?


Cooking Lager said...

You are already planning your life and activity around drink. Drink isn't just part of your life. Something you happen to enjoy as a part of other social things. Your actions, your choice of friends are all centred around the key activity of having a drink. That alone should tell you to take more than a day off the sauce. More so than feeling uncomfortable, twitchy and a bit lost without it.

AA have a 12 step program to help you.

Rabidbarfly said...

Thankfully not all my friends are in the industry and I'm not planning my life around the beer, rather my days off around having days off the sauce too, in fact you've given me a great idea there Cookie.
Thanks for ALL that. Much respect to you sir.

K said...

Happy to help if you need any partciularly sarcastic comments. I've been practicing these skills recently.