Monday, 17 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Week Two

Looking back on week two I'm expecting a lot less than week one, partly because I had a complete day off.
so, how many units were drunk last week?

Day Eight : 19.96
Day Nine : 21.23
Day Ten : 12.93
Day Eleven : 0
Day Twelve : 17.88
Day Thirteen : 13.48
Day Fourteen : 15.30

Total Alcoholic Units this week  : 100.78


OK, Well, it should be noted that week two this year is record breaking and that's with a day off! 
I never actually thought I'd nit 100 units in a week and I certainly wasn't trying to but I also don't consider that I was binge drinking either. I was drunk once in week two and that was the Kernel Black IPA launch, of the rest of the week, I have to say I was taking it quite easy!


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No thanks, I don't smoke. Loser.