Saturday, 8 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Week One

Been a long week, first week back at work and it's the first of what I'm predicting will be a big year. I finally got my hands on some of the Kernel Black IPA I helped to brew, been drinking it since then really and we haven't even launched it yet!
My liver may not last another week but you only live once and as someone that geeks love once said, everything in moderation, including moderation itself.
Here are the unit totals for the week :

Day One : 16.07
Day Two : 6.75
Day Three : 6.57
Day Four : 12.08
Day Five : 14.18
Day Six : 16.28
Day Seven : 11.68

Total Alcoholic Units this week : 83.61

Ghost Drinker said I'd rack up 99 units this week, not far off, I think this is the biggest week of any drunk diary I've kept. I am nearly four times the recommended daily/weekly totals, anyone want to bet on next week?


Simon Johnson said...

Stop drinking Guinness

Rabidbarfly said...

Reminds me how good all the other beers are!

Ghost Drinker said...

WOO, F the governments limits! Your still perfectly functional in todays society! Can't wait for next weeks confessions. Keep it up beer boy!

Rabidbarfly said...

Biggest week last year was actually 95-odd units so way off that at the moment. That WAS a Twissup week though!