Tuesday, 12 July 2011

An IPA a Day #5

As I said yesterday, I'm continuing the lead up to International IPA day with a Belgian IPA. Todays offering in Chouffe Houblon Tripel IPA. This Belgian beastie weighs in at a mere 9% abv.
This is a Golden beer which does almost exactly what Chouffe were aiming for. This was to marry up the English tradition of IPA's with the new wave(or now not-so new wave) US style IPA's as well as give the beer a distinctively Belgian style.
Aromas include Citrus, Lemon is the most prominent of them but there's maybe some Orange or Mandarin in there too. The flavours are quite complex, the moderate toffee sweetness belies the character of the beer which is quite full bodied almost oily and after the sweetness there's the piney, resinous bitterness of the hops which power past it and leave you with a very dry finish. There's also the the Belgian yeast which comes through very well and gives the beer even more character as if it needed it!
It is interesting to note that this is only 59 IBU's, it seems like more to me.


Tombstoned Paladin said...

One of my favourites (and back in stock at the Rake folks, after a bit of an absence!)

Rabidbarfly said...

Bit of shameless advertising there Chris. ;-)