Saturday, 16 July 2011

An IPA a Day #9

Day nine and it's over to New Zealand to continue my lead up to the first International IPA day. I want this beer in the UK but I doubt I'll ever see it. Luke Nicholas started the Epic Brewery in 2006 and is almost single handedly bringing the craft beer to the masses in New Zealand. I say almost single handed because he recently 'stole' Kelly Ryan back from us(we will never forgive you Luke).
Together they are making some fantastic beers, I know this because I am lucky enough to have tasted some of them even though they don't export to the UK.
Hop Zombie is their latest double IPA and I want it over here! It uses four different hops, two US and two NZ when I asked Kelly Ryan which ones he replied "really yummy ones!" Bloody secretive Kiwis!
This is one beer that I really want to try now, and I'm having to take my tasting notes from the Epic Beer Website.
Tasting notes: 
The Hop Zombie has huge tropical fruit characters on the nose, mango, guava, and a hint of ripe raspberry, which continue in the mouth, with a rich sweetness and mouth-coating hop character and bitterness.
At a hefty 8.5% it's one to enjoy with meals as well as drink on it's own. According to Epic it could easily replace a dessert wine and compliments strong cheeses really well.
So here's the question for Luke and Kelly....When do we get to have some?


beerevolution said...

It's very important to keep secrets here in NZ. Most of them revolve around our failure to win a Rugby World Cup for a very long time... Even the colour of our RWC jersey is no longer kept under wraps! ;)

If the All Blacks win the RWC 2011, I will tell you the hops that we use in Hop Zombie :)

If they don't, it will be revealed in the next Dan Brown novel :)


Rabidbarfly said...

Damn, since everyone Knows Wales are going to win the RWC it looks like I'm going to have to decode the next Dan Brown novel ;-)