Friday, 15 July 2011

An IPA a Day #8

Day eight of my lead up to International IPA day takes us to Henley-on-Thames just outside London.
Chief Zymurgist Jeff Rosenmeier and his business partner? (what is it you actually do?) Jason Stevenson have been brewing up a storm for a few years now and last year they re-branded and re-launched their IPA. Now called 69 IPA it's a fine example of it's style.
You may remember I blogged about it a while back because big bully drinks company Diageo had decided that their customers were too stupid to know the difference between their Whisky and the beer that Lovibonds were brewing. Unsurprisingly Lovibonds came out on top in that argument.
The beer? Well, here's what Lovibonds themselves say about it on Ratebeer...
Lovibonds 69 IPA is not a boring, middle of the road IPA. We’re not quite sure how British IPAs have evolved into such low gravity pints of hop-lessness. 69 IPA is part of a new generation of IPAs, one that fuses the great history of IPA with modern hops and techniques. You may not be aware, but craft brewers in the States are now producing some of the most remarkable, flavoursome and diverse beers in the world. IPA is a style that they have embraced with vigour and 69 IPA is a nod to our brothers and sisters across the pond, who serve as a guide and inspiration for this beer. At 6.9% avb, our IPA has the strength of an original IPA, but is infused with the modern aromas and flavours of the USA’s finest Centennial and Columbus hops. Lovibonds is the first in the UK to employ a new dry hopping device called a ’Hopinator’. This technique is key to giving 69 IPA its awesome aroma and flavour.
I'm a big fan of this beer, the launch night at The Rake was one of those nights that just rocked. Such good people making such good beer. I recommend you drink this as 'responsibly as you like' and don't blame me the next morning!

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