Saturday, 16 July 2011

Thornbridge Return

Ok, the brewery didn't really go away, but due to some er...'creative differences' we haven't stocked any at The Rake or Utobeer for a while.
Got the pic from BeerReviews
One of my favourites is their white golden pale ale, Wild Swan. The beers are back! I love Thornbridge beers, Dom Driscoll and the rest of the Thornbridge brewing team have picked up the baton from Kelly and made it their own, it's still a great brewery and they're still producing stunning beers.
It pours really pale golden and the aroma is Lemon and Limes.
Taste-wise it's a citrussy feast with some orange thrown in for good measure, bitterness at the end is replaced by a mild warmth, considering it's only 3.8% abv, it gives you a lemony wake-up slap around the chops. It's extremely thirst quenching and is one of those session ales that really puts quality right up there with quantity.
Top drop. More please.


Sid Boggle said...

I'm confused. Is this no. 9 in the IPA series? 8-)

Rabidbarfly said...

No. Just a good beer Boggle.

Rabidbarfly said...

Epic is No.9

barl fire said...

Probably the best beer they've brewed so far along with Kipling for me.