Friday, 14 May 2010

It's Not Too Expensive, You're Too Cheap!

Sweary rant time coming up so switch channels if you don't want to read it.

Stone say it best on their Arrogant Bastard bottles : It's not too expensive, you're too cheap!
Rules of The Rake
1) If you don't know what you're ordering, don't fucking order it!
2) If you're not prepared to pay a fair price for an 8.2% beer, don't fucking order it!
3) If you want to act like a twat when I'm serving you, you will get knob taxed.
4) Don't act like you're the man when you look like you've eaten one of the chuckle brothers then morphed into them.

If you refuse to pay for another pint, I'll bar you then drink your fucking beer, now piss off!

It's Friday, I hate Friday.


Sid Boggle said...

Language, Timothy!

Baron Orm said...

Is it clear what the price of each beer is? (i.e. you have a menu or something?)

I've never been to The Rake (although I'd love too!) so I'm not sure how your wide selection is presented.

Bailey said...

My sympathies. In recent experience, you and the team are always very clear about the price of the more expensive beers, giving punters plenty of chance to bottle (no pun intended) if they think it's a bit steep.

Sid Boggle said...

I agree with Bailey.

Staff routinely inform customers interested in the bigger ABV stuff, how much it's going to cost before pouring.

No excuse for arsey punters. Or tickers giving it the 'Big I Am'...

Rabidbarfly said...

thanks for the comments guys, this was a purging post mainly, I went 'all zen' as soon as I published it but it's good to know people appreciate the staff warning them how much the beer is!

Thomas said...

I'll come in on Fridays with my axe insulting the idiots. Don't people even know what rent prices; duty and the fact that these batches are limited and have got through customs just to get to the bar??