Saturday, 1 May 2010

What's your favourite summer beer?

I asked the question on twitter a week or so ago. It's not exactly a hard question to answer, is it? Well actually yes, I think it is. It all depends on several things such as the occasion, the weather, who you're drinking with and where you're drinking. So many things to think about.
For instance my favourite beers recently have been Goose Island IPA and Motley Brew, Goose Island IPA is a great all-rounder, that means I could drink it any time, any where, it's that tasty, that consistent. Whereas Motley Brew is better enjoyed in company and happens to taste better in the winter and there's also the added bonus that I helped create it!
Moving on though, I've had a great idea and I want to know your favourite summer beer.
It could be any beer for any reason, no reason is too silly(well it might be and I really want to hear it if it is!).
Lucille's favourite beer is Little Creatures Pale Ale because the beer is nice and she likes the name and the packaging.
So the missus(to be) has started us off.
So, over to you. I have a really good reason for asking the question so don't be afraid. Let me know.


UnfriendlyGhost said...

Hophead, probably.

Rabidbarfly said...

Why Casper?

Mark said...

If I'm in a pub garden then it needs to be pale and hoppy, so Marble Pint, Hophead, Tryst Corronade, something like that.

If I'm chilling outside with a bottle then it's still pale and hoppy - Goose Island IPA, Brewdog 77.

They need to be tasty, cold, thirst quenching and not something that will get you pissed too quickly.

Rabidbarfly said...

thanks Mark, that's great!

Sid Boggle said...

A nice lightly-chilled bottle of gueuze will do me.

Leigh said...

May be a cliche, but Summer Lightning. after that, good old Sierra Nevada Pale, followed by the slightly-harder-to-find Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA. Loving Meantime's London Pale Ale as well.

BeerReviewsAndy said...

All of the above plus im a sucker for badger champion and golden as they are full of fruit and flowers mmmmmm

Bailey said...

I go all German in the summer. A big, slightly camp wheat beer in a vase always works for me. Or a very cold pilsner with a doily round the bottom of the glass.

I think it's because some of the best summer drinking sessions I've had have been in beautiful German beer gardens.

Ron Pattinson (the famous contrarian and beer historian) likes to drink cold Guinness Foreign Extra on hot days. Don't see that myself.