Sunday, 16 May 2010

Smoke Bar, Tooting Bec

Watched the FA CUP final in a bar that I haven't been too in a while, it's Smoke bar in Tooting Bec. The offer is nothing extraordinary, San Miguel, Fosters Super Chilled, Guinness Extra Cold, John Smiths Extra Smooth, Amstel, Staropramen, Kronenbourg Cold, Aspalls cider. I started off with a Guinness and sat down to write my speech for my wedding next Saturday. At 1.30pm on a Saturday it was quiet enough for me to be able to concentrate on the writing until the cup final started.
Despite the rubbish beer offer I like this bar, they do need to learn about what my mate Dan who runs the White Horse in Parsons Green calls atmosphere control though. What he means is the volume of music, what's on telly, apparently Smoke bar is one that also subscribes to the lit candles on tables during the day too. The music was too loud and the windows we all open which made it colder than is comfortable and at times when the traffic got heavy(which is quite a lot) you got the wiff of exhaust fumes which was er...nice?
I paid £8.95 for a burger which was well worth it, it was home made and absolutely enormous! Tasted fantastic, looked great, they are getting the food right.
I'd had enough of the Guinness, I was concentrating so hard on the speech that it a Guinness Extra Cold went a bit warm so I went for a double Bombay Sapphire and Bitter Lemon.
Two smack heads then walked into the bar, no I'm sorry I'm generalising there but I can spot people that shouldn't be served and these two should have been kicked out as soon as they started talking. put me on edge a little bit, to the point that I'll have to finish my speech today or tomorrow and I nearly went across the road to The Bec Bar for the second half of the football.
One smack head walks off to the big screen and the other one tries to engage me in conversation, I give him one word answers so not to encourage him too much, I want this oik to go away. This beetroot-headed freak can barely stand, it's like he was standing on a boat and he hadn't even touched his beer! He sways away toward the big screen.
Back to the bar, the shelf at the back says a lot about this place, it's all about the spirits and cocktails so what do I have to drink next? Lucille texts me to say she's on her way so I order a bottle of wine, the beer offerings are just too uninspiring at the moment, apparently this place used to be supplied by Utobeer, wish they still were, it would be nice to have somewhere close to home to drink some decent beer!
The two smack heads leave but I was still wondering who was responsible for the murdering of Sweet Child O'Mine that was on in the background.
Let me just re-stress, for some reason, I like this bar, it has no speciality beer, no hand pumps, they need to work on the atmosphere control a bit and stop serving smack heads but I still like it, not sure why.
If they had some decent beer it'd be awesome, I give them my card with the Utobeer numbers on the back and head up to another old haunt up the road.

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