Saturday, 22 May 2010

Special Beer for a Special Occasion

As I said a couple of days ago, I've been ageing a bottle of Brewdog's Zephyr, an imperial ale that's been aged in 42 year old whiskey casks for 21 months and had fresh strawberries added to the cask.
I was going to save this bottle for my 40th birthday but convinced myself that there is no more special occasion that your wedding day to open it(didn't take much convincing!)
I had (I think) the only cask of this that was ever produced, on at The Rake in December 2008 and I remember it being about 11% abv in the cask and absolutely sublime, the bottle says the abv is 12.5% so it'll be a good one to share this morning after breakfast with my best men and almost father-in-law.
The Brewdog blurb you can read here says that the profits from each bottle of Zephyr went to the RNLI so it's the beer that just keeps on giving!
More than that, I won't drink a better beer all day.
The taste is fantastic, you get the hit of the Invergordon 1965 whisky cask then comes the sweetness of the strawberries, there is a pinkish type hue to the beer which comes from the strawberries and then there's the hops, I believe this was an IPA that's been made into the current beer that is in front of me.
That's enough from me, now I have to go and concentrate on keeping people entertained for the next couple of hours.
It's sunny, it's warm, perfect for getting married, now what was I doing today?

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