Monday, 10 May 2010


Yup, it's gonna be painful. I have just placed an order with Otley Brewing for 6 Otley casks and 1 Purple Moose cask, including the 5.5% abv Motley Brew which I thought had been sold out!
As it turns out it wasn't so it should be on the bar by the weekend, maybe in time for 5pm Friday when my weekend starts and I can have a few jars after work!

Right time to order a new liver and hope the queue ain't too long!

Other news on the Motley/Otley front is that Nick and I have arranged for me to go back to Ponty and brew the second batch of the 7.5% Motley Brew for later on in the year AND a new exciting strawberry beer too, roll on July!


UnfriendlyGhost said...

Great to hear you are going back to brew with them again. I certainly enjoyed the fruits of your first effort :)

Thomas said...

Good stuff. I'll pop in on Saturday on my way to the Tate. I'll see you then.

Rabidbarfly said...

Casper - cheers dude, that's always nice to hear.
Thomas - I'm not around on sat but hopefully see you soon.

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