Monday, 24 May 2010

Our American Adventure Part 1

Well, it's nearly here, the honeymoon of a lifetime! Our trip to San Francisco has been looming large for a week now and we're STILL getting tips on where to go for beer.
I have to keep reminding my friends that whilst I do want to drink lots of good beer whilst we're there, it's not a beer trip it's a honeymoon and we don't want to only drink beer, California after all, boasts some of the best wine in the world.
Still we WILL be drinking beer, probably lots of it, and I'll try and take as many notes as I can be bothered to for your perusal when I get back.
There are places that we'll definitely try to get to such as Toronado, Russian River and a few others I can't quite remember at the moment, but we've been given soooo much information that we won't be physically able to go everywhere we've been suggested!
Anyhow, we'll be there, enjoying beer, wine, food and general good times in one of the worlds most fascinating and cosmopolitan city's.


Chunk said...

Have fun! How about an (obvious) non-beer suggestion? Go to Alcatraz ... maybe it's because I was young at the time, but I remember it being awesome! :)


Professor Pie-Tin said...

I would have though there were other more interesting things to do on a honeymoon that blog about beer !
Don't get me wrong - there's a time and place for beer as well as birds.
You should be in the boudoir and not on the blog matey !

Rabidbarfly said...

@Chunk - we booked it as part of the trip
@ Pie Tin, nice to hear from you mate, been a while! There were far more interesting things than blogging in San Francisco! I was always going to write about it afterwards and my notes were sparse as I didn't want to spend all my time writing about beer!
That having been said Mrs RBF is very understanding and indulged my beery cravings!