Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Eighteen

Day eighteen and I'm 'a tad squiffy'. Personally I'm blaming Glenn Payne!

Black beer day it seems. Still black beer is the

1 x Half Guinness, 4.1% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.16
2 x Pints Guinness, 4.1% abv, 568mls, Units : 4.66
2 x Pints Otley O6, 6.6% abv, 568mls, Units : 7.5
1 x Bottle Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 568mls, Units : 4.48

Total Units Day Eighteen : 17.8

That Otley O6 is one of my favourites from the Pontypridd brewery, far too drinkable!


Cooking Lager said...

It's like "The days of wine and roses". Except there is no Lee Remick.

Rabidbarfly said...

careful cookie, you might give away your age!

Ghost Drinker said...

will be in the Rake tomoz to egg you on after getting many black IPAs from Kernel brewery. It would be a pleasure to buy you a pint for all your 'hard work' if your going to be around between 2/3ish?

Rabidbarfly said...

I'll be around, got a meeting upstairs at 3 but will be back down afterwards.

Sid Boggle said...

I'll be in tomorrow afternoon. Not necessarily to buy you a pint, though I will if you remember that bottle of BIPA... ;-)