Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Beer Blagger Upsets Other Beer Blaggers

Crafty beer blagger, Rancidbarfly apparently upset a junket full of other beer blaggers two days ago when he wrote about ATTACKED a beer vlogger for posting an inappropriately worded image that said vlogger had put up on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Apparently the junkets-worth of beer blaggers took offence to Rancid's comments on his poorly executed beer blog and have slammed Rancidbarfly for bullying the poor little vlogger.

That showed him. Rancidbarfly will now be banished to the naughty corner and pout like a five-year-old and remember who and what he is, a half-welsh, uneducated nobody and he better not forget it!


DemonBrewer said...

Funny how these self opinionated snowflakes think nothing of ripping into a brewer. If you can't take a bit of constructive sneering then STFU.

Glyn Roberts said...

We're a different era, mate. ah well!