Monday, 19 March 2018

Idiot Vlogger Proves He Is In Fact An Idiot

A man known for having a beer YouTube channel and being a bit of an idiot has confirmed
today that he is indeed an idiot.

YouTube beer lothario, Simon Evans of the Real Ale Guide posted a photo of his latest beer conquest on his Instagram and Facebook platforms, the former of which has been deleted, probably due to the furore it caused on social media hate-site, Twitter.

Mr Evans managed to take a photo of a beer with no sexist branding whatsoever that would have enraged no-one, called Mr Owl APA by Ctretze Pirineus, a microbrewery in Spain and he somehow managed to add the words WOMAN'S PUSSY BEER onto the photo adding the brewer said it had been inspired by the meaning / shape of a woman's pussy.
We have so many questions but not enough words to put them into about that particular statement.

The whole of 2018 replied by saying "FFS will you just stop with the sexist bullshit already!?".

Mr Evans from Barry in Wales is expected to justify himself by saying that 1958 had not yet arrived in Barry let alone 2018, but as yet he has failed to make any comment. Probably because he's busy hiding his eyes from the comments on Twitter that could have been completely avoided had he not been such an idiot.


Martyn Cornell said...

Ah, well, you see, the word for owl in Catalan is also, apparently, the same as a slang expression in Catalan for ladies' front bottoms. Which the brewer confirmed, in front of us all. Which is apparently why they named the beer in English and not Catalan. These are facts. Your interpretation may vary, as may your view on whether Simon should have made these facts public.

Glyn Roberts said...

It's not about my interpretation of the facts, i'm not disputing those. My exasperation comes from how he chose to put that information 'out there'.