Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Kernel Commands Attention!

Yesterday around about 16.00 hours, GMT, The Rake was invaded. We didn't stand a chance, no one would have.
We found ourselves overwhelmed by superb beers from a local Brewer, Evin O'Riordan.
As soon as we put them on the shelves they started flying out.
The Kernel is definitely commanding The Rake's customers attention(sorry for the military puns I'll stop now). There are three different types. First we have the London Porter, a 5.3% beer that is as good as any porter I have ever had.
Second there's the single hopped, IPA made with the Simcoe hop, this is made in an American IPA style, at 7.9% abv it packs a bit of a punch!
Lastly there's another single hopped beer, it's a 5.7% Pale Ale made with Centennial hops, again, its well worth trying and I don't expect to have this first batch very long!
Like I said, as soon as they went on the shelves last night they started selling, they're bottle conditioned, they're local and they're superb!


Sid Boggle said...

That Simcoe is fucking unbelievable. He nailed it! Very impressed...

Seanipops said...

I loved the Simcoe too Sid, couldn't agree more with you.

Must get some more.

Rabidbarfly said...

Evin has indeed 'nailed it' on all his beers. I can't wait for some casks!