Friday, 1 January 2010

2010, the year that was...

Happy New Year all! so, what does 2010 hold for us? lets do a bit of 'grist'al ball gazing....
2010, the year that will see the Daily Mail use the little known 'responsible reporting' technique regarding all things (beer or otherwise).
2010, the year that violent computer games will become required homework material for the under 8's.
2010, the year that the government will recommend to parents that they give their teenage sons porn to keep them from joining gangs and stabbing each other.
2010, the year that Brewdog will decide to become the biggest pub co in the world and start brewing dull, brown, 4.1% ale and 3.7% pissy lager - Now THAT's changing the world guys!
2010, the year that ex-presidents George Dubbya and Tony Blair come out and decide to create their own country on a deserted moon somewhere.
2010, the year that Osama Bin Laden will release the terrorists guide to knitting.
2010, the year that people will rise up against the 'Nanny State' and decide to actually start living their lives again unafraid they might catch a cold or enjoy eating food.
2010, the year that I will cease to be a lardy bastard and start my much awaited see-food diet ;)
2010, the year that classical music will be outlawed as subversive and blamed for the gang culture.
2010, the year that all channels putting out shit reality TV shows will start repaying the general public' TV license fees.

Well, normal service resumes tomorrow when The Rake reopens after our Christmas break, should be a good year ;)

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Sid Boggle said...

Hmmm - you don't suppose Messrs Bliar, Dubya and BinLiner will all be offered marketing jobs with BrewDog. BinLiner insists on a beer worthy of 72 virgins and no alcohol, providing a future for Nanny State, and the path to world domination of Scotland suddenly opens up...

I agree with all of your musings apart from the lard one. No chance! ;-)