Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A Drunk Diary, Episode Five

Day starts with a hangover, that'll be 3 bottles of Torpedo then!

Started drinking at about 1.30 today with lunch.

Drink : Wells/Youngs Double Chocolate Stout.
abv : 5.2%
Units : 2.6

I have to say it's now 5.25pm and I really feel liked I'm all 'beered-out' for today. This is my day off, perhaps I should just leave it at that.
That's definitely it for today, see you all tomorrow.

OK it's now 8.44pm and at last I feel like drinking so with our pork stir fry this evening I'll have some wine.

Drink : Montana Sauvignon Blanc 250ml
abv : 12.5%
Units : 3.12

Drink : Montana Sauvignon Blanc 175ml
abv : 12.5
Units : 2.18

Drink : Montana Sauvignon Blanc 100ml
abv : `12.5%
Units : 1.25

Not beer but great wine.

Anyhow, total units today : 9.15

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