Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Drunk Diary, Episode Seven

Day seven, going to tot up the Units I've had this week, scary.
Six days of drinking = 53.72 units which equals around 8.95 units a day which is more than double daily recommended intake. Yikes!
Of course I've pretty much convinced Mike and Rich that we can afford to go to Boston for the Extreme Beer Festival now, my liver is bad an must be punished!

Anyway, here's today's notes.

Drink : Mongozo Mango x 1 bottle (Before you say anything, I was just trying it!)
abv : 3.6%
Units : 1.18

Drink : Goose Island IPA 2 bottles
abv : 5.9
Units : 4.18

Total units today : 5.36
Total Units this week : 59.08

OK so in the first week we've seen me drink my way to nearly three times the recommended weekly intake!
See you all tomorrow.

1 comment:

Sid Boggle said...

That ain't so bad. Breaking the numbers down, I calculate your daily intake at 0.179 of a BRWU. Barely moved the needle this week, matey...