Monday, 4 January 2010

A Drunk Diary, Episode Four

So, I've reached day four of my drunks diary, I've started calling it my drunks diary because I seem to be averaging about twice the recommended daily intake. So Far it has raised a few interesting issues, like am I seeing how much I drink and not having that last drink.
I'm going to alter the diary slightly and try to remember the time I started drinking and the time I finished drinking because yesterday, for instance, I started drinking at about 3pm and finished at about 9.30pm so that was three beers in 6 and a half hours, hardly what I'D call binge drinking but I'm no doctor.

First Drink today at 1.50pm

Drink : Nethergate Priory Mild x 1/2 pint
ABV : 3.8%
Units : 1.07

Drink : Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA x 3 bottles
abv : 7.2%
Units : 7.56

Drink : St Peters Grapefruit Beer x 1 Pint
abv : 4.7%
Units : 2.66

Drink : Goose Island IPA x 1 Bottle
abv : 5.9%
Units : 2.09

Total Units Today : 13.38

Last drink at approx 8.30pm

OK this is essentially four times the recommended daily intake but I at least know how much I'm taking in.
Can I also just say it was great to see all Lucille and I's friends this evening, well worth the pickled liver.


DemonBrewer said...

Doesn't grapefruit beer count towards one of your 5 portions of fruit a day? ;-)

Rabidbarfly said...

Totally agree DB!

Sid Boggle said...

And don't forget all those citrussy hops in Goose Island IPA...