Sunday, 31 January 2010

A Drunk Diary, Episode Thirty-One

10am : Last day of the diary today, will it be a biggun, well I guess we'll find out. So why did I do all this? Find out tomorrow.
3.55pm No beers yet and Andy Murray lost this morning so we won't be doing any celebratory scottish beer offers at The Rake. Going to watch the footie now.

4.30pm : first beer of the day.

Drink : Cristoffel Bier
abv : 6%
units : 1.98

8.20pm : Thinking about opening Williams Brothers Midnight Sun, need some water first though, very thirsty.

Drink : Williams Brothers Midnight Sun
abv : 5.6%
Units : 2.8

Total daily units : 4.78

That'll do it for the month, examination to come.

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