Friday, 8 January 2010

A Drunk Diary, Episode Eight

4pm : Day Eight, not sure I want to drink today. Also it now looks like I won't be going to Boston, Bollocks!
Trying to decide what to start on.
9.30pm, starting now.

Drink : Goose Isalnd IPA x 2 Bottles
abv : 5.9
Units : 4.18

Drink : Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA
abv : 6.5
Units : 2.9

Drink : Worthington White Shield
abv : 5.6
Units : 2.8

Totals units today : 9.88

1 comment:

Sid Boggle said...

Never mind about EBF, lad. Having to elbow aside a load of "woo-hoo!" US tickers to get near the spooge beer is hardly what I'd call the trip of a lifetime. There are some nice places to get a beer around the area, having said that.