Monday, 18 January 2010

Alcohol-Free? Really?

Howdy folks! Given that it's January and that a lot of you nutters actually try and give up alcohol for the month(No...of course you don't have a problem! for real problems see the Drunk Diary) I thought I'd do a piece on something you are drinking this month, Water. Not really, I'm not that boring! I have three non-alcoholic beers in The Rake's fridges so I thought I'd review them for you too. See if I couldn't get you thinking about some alternative beery goodness.
The current non-alcoholic range consists of :
Jupiler (Non-alcoholic lager) From Belgium. Very sweet but does has a mild bitter aftertaste that almost smacks of hops, quite drinkable. So drinkable in fact, that I finished the bottle.
Veltins Alkoholfrei (German N/A lager) from Germany. Smells like a lager, just about manages to carry it off too, this is a very passable beer and one I can recommend to the lager drinking people out there, although on reflection, it's a bit too bready and if I was going to go for one of the two lagers, I'd go for the Jupiler.
Schneider Alkoholfrei (N/A Wheat beer)also from Germany. Now it's a bit thinner than a regular wheat beer but I expected that. It's bloody drinkable though, I easily prefer this over the Maisels Alkoholfrei which just tastes like cold, liquid baked beans.

Now for the record this is just the range that I have at The Rake, Utobeer also has The Alcohol-Free Erdinger and Maisels Alkoholfrei. I'm not specifically trying to get people into The Rake but it does show you that you don't have to completely stop going to the pub just because you're 'off the sauce'. One example of this is my Dad who is suprised how much he enjoys the alcohol free Maisels and frankly I'm as stunned as he is on this.
Now having told you about the options, I will leave you to way them up and make an informed decision to get yourself down to the pub in January instead of sitting at home, eating dust and drinking soya water..or something.


Mark said...

No unit counter on this one then?!

I've had a couple of alcohol free beers. Some taste like arse, others taste like lemonade.

Maisels tastes like baked beans?! Blimey!

Rabidbarfly said...

Well they're 0.5% abv so they DO have units but they'll be on todays posting.